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The first “Cevap Fest” to be held in Banja Luka on January 13


The city of Banja Luka will organize the first festival of Banja Luka cevapies on Saturday, January 13.

“Cevap Fest” is a manifestation that is completely dedicated to the promotion of homemade, local, and recognizable product and brand,” said Mayor of Banja Luka, Igor Radojicic. He also noted that Banja Luka has a great potential to make a manifestation from everything that Banja Luka cevap can offer as well as the story that can be developed around it, which will be traditional and it will attract both domestic and foreign visitors.

The guests who are visiting Banja Luka usually know about Banja Luka cevap and it represents one of the recognisable characteristics of this city, and according to Mayor Radojicic, they wanted to do something more with this story.

The official promoter of Banja Luka cevap and the person behind this entire event, Nebojsa Kustrinovic, noted that the city on Vrbas River is famous for its “Banja Luka cevap”.

“Banja Luka was full of tourists in the last couple of days, and all of them tried Banja Luka cevap for sure. Therefore, we can say that the one who did not try Banja Luka cevap does not know anything about our Banja Luka,” said Kustrinovic.

He explained that Banja Luka cevap is not unique only by its shape, but also because of the bread, which is prepared in a special type of oven, on a temperature higher than 400 °C.

“The dough is very nice and soft and it comes to our dining table nicely baked. Moreover, Banja Luka cevap is the most delicious when you eat it with your hands,” concluded Kustrinovic.




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