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The first ethno house in Banja Luka opened in Haniste


The first ethno house in the town, with a serpentine embroidery as its trademark, opened yesterday in Haniste, Banja Luka with the aim of bringing the beauties of Serbian folk customs closer to young generations and tourists.

The preservation of customs is largely due to the golden hands of the members of the Humanitarian Association of Women “Duga”, who care for the cultural heritage of our people, and will be able to display their works in the ethno house.

Duga Executive Director Mira Zvonar said that the city had allocated this space to the association last year, under special conditions.

– He was in very bad condition, we went through the thorns while we were all tidying up, but now we are proud that the doors of our house are open to all users – said Zvonareva.

She added that the association was given the strength to move on thanks to a project by the Eda Development Agency.

“Rainbow” member Milica Spremo said that an ethno house is planned to organize workshops that will operate at full capacity.

– Women here will be able to socialize, make and exhibit their products, but also collaborate with experts. We will also present a new project supported by the European Union, as part of the Reload Initiative, implemented by UNDP with the support of the city. Thanks to him, 60 women will benefit financially – said Spremo, adding that they will be able to accommodate much larger tourist groups at the ethno house.

She emphasized that tourists and visitors will be able to create products themselves, participate in ideas interactively, but also to learn about our tradition and cultural and artistic heritage.

Deputy Mayor Srdjan Amidzic emphasized that the members of “Duga” have been observing Serbian customs and all that is necessary for the survival of the society for many years.

– Those heritage sites that make the city recognizable, which is the UNESCO-protected snake berth. The women of “Duga” are the best ambassadors of the city and the Republic of Srpska because thanks to them our symbols and tradition can be seen in many places. In the ethno house, our children will be able to feel part of what these people represent and to learn how to make the handmade work our grandmothers made – said Amidzic.

The director of the City Tourism Organization Irena Radojevic pointed out that “Duga” has been in operation for more than 27 years and that its members have always assisted those who needed it.

“Valuable members send a message to the world through their handicrafts and tell the story of the past, present and future,” Radojevic said.




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