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The First in the Balkans: Nikola Is Developing a Machine That Will Print Houses in 15 Hours! (VIDEO)


With the revolutionary development of modern technologies in the 21st century, the construction of residential buildings from blocks or the installation of prefabricated houses will become a thing of the past – printing concrete houses are becoming a reality in Eastern Europe.

Nikola Rakić, born in Switzerland, applied his acquired knowledge at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Serbia in the best possible way, in Čačak, creating a machine that can print concrete residential buildings on three floors in an incredible 15 hours.

“We are currently working on the development and improvement of the largest CNC machine in the Balkans, which will function on the printers of 3D printers. The dimensions of this machine are enormous, ten meters high as well as 10 meters wide, and there is no limit in length. The machine allows us to print a concrete object according to the given design and special recipe of the well-known company “Lafarge Holcim”, a company that will meet all ISO standards in terms of the quality of the mixture from which it is built, “said Nikola Rakic ideological creators of the first machine of this type in the Balkans.

The object itself is poured on the spot, by placing a 3D printer, it is easily transported and in the installation of which 2-4 people are needed, and it takes about three hours.

“We are now designing this special mixer that will make this innovative mixture, which is in itself of thermal insulation character. According to our budget, a machine can pour 20 to 40 centimeters of the wall in one second, which would mean that in some 15 hours of 3D printer operation, a 100-square-meter building with all interior walls can be completed, and the ability of our machine to build a residential, three-floor building”, said Rakić.

This project was supported by professors from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering who work on the development of software for the design of residential buildings, as well as the company Mikro Kontrol, which is in charge of the automation of the machine.

“The complete product is a product of the company “NaturaEco” with a team of experts, so far this type of machine has not been produced anywhere in Eastern Europe, and now we are working on obtaining all necessary ISO certificates that allow us to export this product outside our country. which will greatly contribute to the opening of new jobs “, Nikola pointed out.

The first pilot houses in Serbia will be built at the beginning of the third quarter of 2021 in Čačak.

“We have the support of the city of Čačak, with which we signed a contract in September this year for the construction of the first residential buildings of about 50 m2 for the most socially endangered citizens. The price of building such types will cost 195 euros per square meter “, adds Rakić.

The residential building can be printed in any form, and the only restrictions are that the building does not defy the laws of physics.

Nikola, who came to Čačak because of his wife, stayed in this Serbian city, and he realizes his innovative business ideas in the premises of the Science and Technology Park, where he uses office and hall space.




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