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The first nine young couples from Doboj received the keys to the apartments


The first nine young couples from Doboj received the keys to the apartments, which will be co-financed by the city. The keys were handed to them by Serbian Member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik, Mayor Boris Jerinic and Member of the House of Representatives Obren Petrovic. The city intends to allocate 100 apartments to young married couples who see their future in Doboj and Srpska.

The keys to the apartments were provided by nine young married couples, who responded to the first public invitation by the city of Doboj. The apartments are new, arranged in one of these apartment blocks and ready to move in immediately.

A second public invitation is underway for married couples who have gotten married after 9/11 when the City Assembly’s decision to co-finance the purchase of apartments helps young people stay here.

This opportunity is not missed, young couples say. Among them are Jelena and Dragan Marjanovic. They got the keys to the apartment today, and soon they will return. The city will finance 70 percent of the apartment, and the rest will.

– I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project this way and we also think that this is one of the most beautiful things that happened in Srpska – Jelena points out.

Both the young married couple Bojana and Davor Blesic see their chance in this.

– With this action, the city of Doboj sent a clear message to all young people that they should not leave their city and their country. Here we are one of them – said Davor.

Presidency Member Milorad Dodik emphasized that this is a great action by the city of Doboj to be upgraded.

– I am grateful to Jerenic, Petrovic and the city of Doboj who accepted this idea – said Dodik.

He expressed confidence that the other young married couples would receive the keys to the apartments very soon.

– We will try to make sense of some other things and will continue to implement projects that are part of the pro-natal policy. This should be an ongoing action in Doboj as well as in other local communities – Dodik said.

The Mayor of Doboj, Boris Jerinic, said that the City Assembly of Doboj had decided to deliver a total of 100 apartments to young couples, and that Doboj would continue to implement the project of subsidizing apartments for young married couples.

He thanked Dodik, Republika Srpska President Zeljko Cvijanovic and Serbian institutions for their support in the implementation of this project.




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