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The First Yugoslav Documentary About Jasenovac From 1945 (VIDEO)


“Jasenovac” – the first documentary filmed after the liberation of Jasenovac in 1945.

Although the Second World War formally ended in 1945, film production had all the characteristics of the “partisan” cinema. With a length of 450 meters, the film was completed in a short amount of time and was a harrowing testimony of the atrocities committed in the infamous camp filmed just days after the camp was released.

The film depicts the horrors of Ustasha crimes in the Jasenovac concentration camp through film footage and photographs found in Ustasha archives as well as those taken after the liberation of the camp.

The first documentary of Yugoslav cinema was shot by Croatian directors Gustav Gavrin and Kosta Hlavaty and was based on shocking scenes as evidence.

The film was proudly sponsored by the Film Company of the Democratic Federation of Yugoslavia, Regional Committee for Croatia, DFJ Film Company. The crew on the film were Croats.

The directors of photography and cinematography were Boris Rudman, Hugo Ribarić, Oktavijan Miletić and Sergije Tagatz. The film’s editor was M. Seidl.

The Jasenovac film was originally shot in 35mm film and consists of 427 meters of film.


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