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The Flu Vaccine Has Never Been More in Demand


The interest of the inhabitants of Srpska for the vaccine against the seasonal flu has never been higher, which is confirmed in the health centers, whose phones, they say, are constantly ringing.

According to health institutions throughout the RS, citizens, fearing the simultaneous illness of the flu and the coronavirus, rushed to schedule a vaccination against the flu as soon as possible, because they are afraid that all doses will flare-up in the short term. Vaccination started yesterday in most local communities, and in order to protect as many residents as possible from viral infections brought by cold weather, the RS Institute of Public Health procured 20,000 doses of free and 5,000 commercial vaccines this year, which costs 26 KM.

The head of the Family Medicine Service at the Health Center in Banja Luka, Kosana Stanetić, pointed out that the interest in vaccination against seasonal flu has never been greater.

– Phones are constantly ringing. Judging by the first day, the interest in this vaccine will be incomparably higher than in previous years – said Stanetić and added that this institution received more than 3,000 doses of free vaccines, which are distributed in 120 family medicine teams.

Although the vaccination against the seasonal flu in the Doboj Health Center starts today, the residents have been constantly calling to order since yesterday, because they are afraid that the vaccines will disappear quickly. The director of the Health Center in this city, Slavko Kovačević, says that they received a little less than 500 free and 800 commercial doses.

– We asked for more doses than we got. Whether we will get more later is not up to us. However, the phones do not stop ringing. Citizens are more interested in the flu vaccine than ever before. The reason for that is that many are afraid of combining seasonal flu and coronavirus – said Kovačević.

Vaccination dates for the whole week were scheduled in Bijeljina yesterday, and the director of the local health center Danijela Đukin pointed out that the vaccine against seasonal flu does not protect against the coronavirus, and that those who tested positive for “covid” for a month cannot receive it.

Yesterday, the Health Center Prijedor started vaccination against seasonal flu for patients who are entitled to a free vaccine, while commercial vaccines are expected by the end of the week. 700 doses of free and 850 doses of commercial vaccines arrived at the Gradiška Health Center, where vaccination begins today. The data from the Institute of Public Health shows that more than 500 doses of commercial vaccine were consumed in Banja Luka on the first day.

Who is entitled to a free vaccine

– hemodialysis patients, insulin-dependent diabetics

– persons with heart surgery

– HIV positive and AIDS sufferers

– children treated for rheumatic fever with heart changes and cystic fibrosis

– patients with muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis

– patients who have completed chemotherapy

– persons with special needs in collective accommodation

– employees in infectious diseases clinics and intensive care units




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