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“The Fusion” restaurant opened in Sarajevo


On Friday, October 12th at 20:00h, „The Fusion“ restaurant was formally opened, located on the 1st floor of the newly opened Swissotel Sarajevo.

The guest were offered a variety of middle easteren cuisine to enjoy, prepared by our proffesional culinary team in amazing ambiance within the heart of the city.

The concept is fusing middle eastern and traditional bosnian cuisine with a culinary team with Nihad Mameledžija up front to create a culinary delight is focused on local, organic and seasonal products. On this type of foundation different temporary offeres will be created to provide the guest with allways new creations and innovation.

For all those working in the area of the hotel there will be a business lunch offer with a quick and simple choice based on Swissotel’s „Vitality“ programe to provide optimum nutritional values for all those looking forward to complete their work day vitalized.

Your dinner experience will be enhanced by the view on the open kitchen where your dinner is prepared visible to you and our charming servers will make you feel like you are eating at home away from home.




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