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The Germans will build the largest Building in the Republika Srpska


“For now, it seems that it will be April,” says Banja Luka Mayor Drasko Stanivukovic, answering a question about the start of construction of the new Palas Hotel in the center of Banja Luka.

”One small plot has been resolved and now a precondition has been created for us to obtain the final building permit for a building with maximum dimensions, as it was foreseen,” the mayor pointed out.

In addition to the issues resolved by the city, Stanivukovicemphasizes that the investor has entered into discussions with the companies that will carry out construction work on the long-announced hotel.

”Due to the complexity of the structure, a consortium headed by a company from Germany will work on the construction of the building, but in agreement with the investors, we were promised that domestic, Banja Luka companies will be chosen as subcontractors for all works,” he claims.

After the works start, the mayor points out that they should be finished within three years. As he said, Banja Luka will get its new postcard that way.

”We have a promise from the investor that the works could be finished earlier, but this is a large facility – he states and adds that the exact date of the start of the works should be known by the end of March.

It is planned that the future hotel will be 100 meters high, and will contain restaurants, an observation deck, a spa center, an underground garage and business facilities. The value of the investment is around 150 million BAM.

This will be the tallest building in the Republika Srpska. The investor is Filip Zepter, Biznis Info reports.


Source: sarajevotimes.com/E.Dz.


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