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The goal – unitarisation of BiH and domination of the Bosniaks


The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has said that BiH is a compulsion for Serbs who are willing to keep the peace but not suffer the torture of the Bosniak political elite.

Dodik has told to reporters in Belgrade that he would, in Srpska, very well read the SDA declaration, which should be adopted by the party’s congress, stating, among other things, that the primary and long-term goal of the SDA is “the Republic of BiH”.

He has said that there is not any “Republic of BiH” and that, as far as Serbs are concerned, there is only Republika Srpska.

“If they are allowed to do something like that, then it is perfectly normal for us to think that we are allowed to deal with the issue of self-determination until secession. So, we have no reason to be with others who do not want us and who do not want to accept those realities”, Dodik said.

Dodik has pointed out that the SDA has long denied BiH and that Bosniaks would want “BiH in their own right”.

He has repeated that the source of the SDA declaration is the Islamic declaration of their creator Alija Izetbegović, which clearly indicated how and what they should do.

“This is just one phase of what they desperately want to do, but there is no BiH without Republika Srpska. No one is crazy, naive and silly enough to think that someone would just abolish Republika Srpska. They certainly cannot abolish it because they have no reason at all, not even the ability to do that”, Dodik said.

He has stressed that BiH is maintained by an international factor, and is divided by SDA’s actions.

“It is not easy for us at all to accept that we are in BiH, but we accept the Dayton. They obviously did not want to see, hear, or maintain the Republika Srpska, and we know that”, Dodik said.

Dodik has stressed that only Republika Srpska can be self-sustaining in the territory of BiH, and neither BiH nor the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina could, “because if foreigners left from BiH and FBiH, both of them would disappear the same night”.

He has emphasized that the chicanery is the neoliberal approach that they felt they should accept as their own, as were many other deceptions since the Dayton Agreement to this day.

Dodik has reiterated that the Bonn powers are also chicanery and blague, as diplomat Carlos Westendorp confirmed when he said that it was against the Dayton Agreement.

“On that anti-Dayton agreement, they made today’s BiH, and now they say ‘give us the rule of law.’ What kind of rule of law when it was created an unjust manner?” Dodik asked.

Professor of Constitutional Law Sinisa Karan has stated Srna that the SDA Program declaration is fully aimed at the unitarisation of BiH and the domination of the majority Bosniak people over the other two, Serb and Croat.

“Their concept and view of BiH, according to this declaration, is a political process of unitary organization and an attempt to negate the other two peoples. This is absolutely anti-Dayton behaviour of the SDA and in that sense everyone should react to such an initiative and even the part of the international community and SDA’s mentors who are, seemingly, most committed to upholding the Dayton Agreement”, Karan stressed.

He has emphasized that this political declaration, in which the SDA advocates for a “Republic of BiH”, says, from a constitutional-legal point of view, that the SDA wants to change the constitutional order of BiH that it already has.

“The current Constitution characterizes BiH as a complex state union of two equal entities and three constituent peoples. The Constitution defined who are the holders of the sovereignty of the country – which are the entities and constituent peoples”, Karan said.

The professor of Constitutional Law has explained that BiH is a specific complex state community, whose complexity is characterized by multiethnicity, and that BiH is based on two basic principles – parity and consensus.

“Therefore, behind this intention of the SDA and the mention of a ‘Republic of BiH’, there is a clear intention to change the form of the state system of BiH. This is too big and serious thing, because the allegations in this declaration overthrow the entire Constitution of BiH, the constitutional order and the system on which BiH is based. Any action on the implementation of this plan would be anti-constitutional, punishable and, from a political point of view, would have far-reaching consequences”, professor Karan said.

He has warned that their concept of organization of BiH would abolish Republika Srpska and turn it into only one territory and nothing more.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has stated that Serbia will give its judgment on the SDA Program declaration, which foresees changing the Constitution and establishing a “Republic of BiH”, and pointed out that any kind of game about the destruction of the Dayton principles would mean big problems.

Vučić says that the SDA Program declaration is a much more important document than anyone would present it, and that Serbia will take it seriously.

“We are one of the signatory countries that is the guarantor of the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement, and peace and stability are the most importante to us. Any kind of game about the destruction of the Dayton principles would pose big problems for each of us”, Vučić told to reporters.


Source: srna



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