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The Health Insurance Fund Will Finance Cochlear Implants


The Republic of Srpska Health Insurance Fund will finance the procurement and installation of cochlear implants for hearing impaired children, and this health service will be provided by the University Clinical Center of Srpska in Banja Luka.

The HIF states that this is made possible by an amendment to the Rulebook on the Content, Scope, and Method of Exercising the Right to Health Care, adopted by the Fund’s Board of Directors, whose implementation should start in the second half of March.

– Since the cost of installing a cochlear implant for one insured person is around 32,000 KM, this will be a great financial relief for the parents of hearing-impaired children, as in the future the Fund will fully bear the costs of purchasing and installing this device – said the Health Insurance Fund of Srpska.

Cochlear implants are implanted mainly in children with congenital bilateral deafness, as well as in children with progressive postlingual hearing loss or post-meningitis.

– Studies and experiences in children who have implanted cochlear implants have shown that thanks to this apparatus, they have a well-developed speech, regularly attend school and are active members of the community. World studies have proven that the success and effectiveness of implanting a cochlear implant are much greater if it is implanted at an early age – said the HIF.

The business commitment of the HIF, as stated, is to continuously provide the insured with better and better quality health care.

– By financing the procurement and installation of a cochlear implant, the Fund continues to extend the rights of insured persons. This is solely the result of responsible business policy, and the money saved is channeled to improve the quality of healthcare. Last year, we simplified the procedure and expanded the rights in the field of medical devices, and with this move, we confirm our endeavor to make health care much better – said the Health Insurance Fund.




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