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The importance of education for future generations


Human nature is based on a constant pursuit of happiness and freedom. The path to true happiness is full of hardships from the very beginning of life, and freedom is sometimes unattainable for those who easily give up the fight for it. People feel best when doing what they love most. Person doing his or her favorite job in essence is not working but becoming it, with their whole being. In it lies true happiness. The country I come from is full of talents. However, fear as a natural human sense is the main obstacle for young talented people. Because of the fear of failure, they are too quick to give up their dreams.
In addition to fear, additional obstacles are lack of confidence due to the difficult financial situation and indecision in choosing the faculty. Young people generally want to enroll in a college that they really like, but due to the many obstacles of the society and the pressure of their parents, they often choose something they do not like because they were told it will be easier to get a job. Led by the motto “choose the faculty that will bring you most money”, the fact that they simply do not like that profession, and that they will be not happy in life because of that, is put aside. The choice of college and the profession itself is something really important and it determines our complete personality, while at the same time depicting the future towards which we are slowly moving.

The importance of education

In the future I want to research the very important subject like education. I hope so my project will contribute to advanced journalism by innovatively influencing the struggle for changes of the education system in my country. The investigative journalism concept , i.e. my idea, is based on a detailed introduction of selected International students and faculties with a special focus on filming a documentary film in which they would be the main actors. Through the film, I would first of all get to know the students and find out the reasons why they enrolled in their faculties, then whether they really like what they are studying, how important is community development for them, how society benefits from their individual advancement in their profession, their goals, how they see themselves in the distant future, to what extent they are happy and proud of their profession, how education can influence the improvement of society and solve certain social problems, and the most important thing i would focus on would be motivational talks that would surely influence the viewers worldwide who would watch the film. The documentary would promote, in a special way, quality of faculties, but at the same time it would motivate students around the world, primarily those in my country in which reforms of the educational system are needed.

Lack of practical teaching at faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the main issues that I would point out, and the reason why reforms are needed, is undoubtedly a lack of practical teaching at faculties of social sciences. In addition to that, a lot of professors do not encourage students to pursue science after graduating from college, so that they could bring about changes in society in an innovative way, but generally advise students to stand up exclusively for themselves in order to find employment as soon as possible. Education does not end after graduating from college, on the contrary, it is just beginning. The goal of education is not just to work for ourselves and find the job that only we benefit from. The aim of the science is to pursue it in order to become successful individuals, who work for the benefit of the entire society, in the interest of all citizens.

The ultimate goal that I wish to achieve after completing this project in the future, is to present the documentary on as many faculties and universities across my country as possible, as well as in the world.


Author: Aleksandar Ganilović


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