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The Institute for Public Health of the RS passed a series of measures for students and teachers


The Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Srpska has prepared a set of measures related to the beginning of the new school year, said the director of the Institute, Branislav Zeljković.

He pointed out that teachers will have to wear masks during classes, and children only when coming and going from school, and not in class.

According to him, it is recommended that children wear cotton masks at school, that they keep their distance and that parents do not stay in school.

– It is recommended that physical education takes place in an open space, as well as other subjects for which it is possible. Parents are obliged to regularly measure their children’s temperature and monitor their symptoms. In case it is determined at school that the child has symptoms, ie that he is positive for the virus, he will be isolated in another room until the parents come – Zeljković pointed out.

If it is established that one class has an infected child, the other students will be tested as soon as possible.

While they wait for the results, they will be in isolation.

The Director of the Civil Protection of the Republic of Srpska, Milan Novitović, pointed out that the Civil Protection will disinfect schools and dormitories, and this work will begin on August 20.




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