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The international community to remain engaged in BH


The High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Valentin Inzko, said after a two-day meeting of the Board of Directors of the Peace Implementation Council, that PIC and the international community will continue to assist BH in its progress.

He added that even though the general elections are in a year, political leaders “can not go forward” in fulfilling the “five plus two” conditions and objectives.

Inzko stressed that BH needs improvement and that PIC and the international community will help it attain it.

A number of political parties have already started their campaigns, Inzko advises the citizens of BH not to ignore this because there is still work to be done prior to the elections.

He stated that the Board of Directors of PIC are aware of the slow progress in implementing the terms “five plus two” which relate to conditions which will allow BH to move forward economically, politically and socially for the benefit of every citizen.

“However, agreement on key issues can not be achieved. We believe that such an agreement is possible before the next election”, said the High Representative.

PIC’s Board of Directors is also aware of the negotiations regarding the decision “Sejdic-Finci” and the involvement of the EU which has given BH the opportunity to make progress towards candidacy and membership. “But it remains to see whether political leaders will take advantage of what is offered to them”, said Inzko.

PIC reiterated support for an independent and professional judicial system at all levels in BH. “The attempt to exert political pressure and influence on these institutions is unacceptable. PIC is concerned about the attempt to abolish the authority of the judicial institutions “, said Inzko.

He added that justice and accountability for war crimes are the main elements of the process of reconciliation in BH. “Therefore, the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Maktouf and Damjanovic and its impact on the judicial process should not be abused for political purposes”.

PIC concluded that the leaders of both entities have shown an inability and unwillingness to make the political system functional and that the people of both entities bear the consequences of this situation.


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