Home Economy The “Jumko” Plant in Drvar Employed Another 20 Women

The “Jumko” Plant in Drvar Employed Another 20 Women


Another 20 women started working in the textile production plant “Jumko” in Drvar today, said the head of the production of that plant, Dragan Pavlović.

Pavlović added that 100 women currently work in “Jumko”.

The mayor of Drvar, Dušica Runić, who visited the production plant “Jumko” in the business zone Mlin today, told Srna that a hundred families are making a living in this factory, which allows them to stay at the hearth.

– The opening of the “Jumko” plant in Drvar represents the real and concrete help that Serbia provided to Drvar – she emphasized.

She stated that, in addition to the employees of “Jumko”, the students of the first grade of the textile school attend the practice, which was opened at the suggestion of the local community precisely because of the open plant.

Runic expressed gratitude to Serbia for its help.

“Serbia proves that it cares about every Serb wherever it lives. Many thanks to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, who recognized our needs,” Runić added.




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