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The Lake on Mount Zelengora Where Monica Belucci Swam (VIDEO)


The famous Italian actress swam in the lake, at an altitude of 1500 meters, after which she said she was enchanted by the natural beauties of Srpska.

“I’m very excited to be here. This is one magical place. I’m very happy,” Bellucci said several years ago during the filming.

A special charm of wonderful Mount Zelengora is its “mountain eyes”, i.e. the clear glacial lakes, located at the very foothills of its peaks. These lakes are genuine pearls scattered by God’s hand and as such represent a paradise for true nature lovers.

Lake Orlovac is located at an altitude of 1438 m. It is a lake surrounded by picturesque meadows and hills above which the slopes of Zelengora rise. The length of the lake is about 350m, the width is about 100m, and the average depth is about 5m. The lake is located within the National Park ‘’Sutjeska’’.




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