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The last pigeon post in this part of Europe


Pigeons that can be seen at one of Europe’s last remaining pidgeon posts located in Trebinje are only those who accidentally drop by. The last ones that delivered mail from and to this southeastern town in Herzegovina had flown away a long time ago and their landing station is now part of a downtown museum complex.

“When tourists come here, they look at it and ask what it is,” the curator of the Herzegovina Museum, Zoran Mijanovic, told N1.  

The pigeons who would fly to and from the station would use the tower of the nearby, now destroyed local Church of St. Michael for orientation, Mijanovic said. 

“The museum is actually within the complex of the former Austro-Hungarian barracks, which had a pigeon post office,” he said.  

Mail carrying pigeons used to play an important role before, as they carried letters to people across large distances in almost any weather condition, without ever making a mistake.  

The Trebinje pigeon post was their home where they had everything they needed.  

Whoever would be wanting to send mail back home would carry his pigeon with him. The letter would be attached to the bird’s leg and it would be sent away. The pigeons would always fly back to their home in Trebinje.




Source: N1


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