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The legend of Trebinje’s planetrees


In the center of Trebinje there are 16 planetrees, in front of the hotel with the same name, were planted in the Austro-Hungarian period and represent the symbol of the city.

In the summer, their branches create shade, and the hotel’s beneath them is always filled to the last place. For Trebinje citizens and numerous visitors, this garden represents an oasis in the hot days where it can be restored in the shade of trees over 120 years old.

The legend says that Baron Babić, a city commissar, arrived in Trebinje with Austro-Hungary. He had a sickly daughter who died at the age of 16. In her honor, Babić planted 16 planetrees in the center of the city.

The historical fact is that after the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878, Austro-Hungary found a cemetery in the center of the city, and it was decided to move it, and in its place, 16 planetrees were planted. In time, more platinum has been planted in the city, so now they have almost a hundred.

In the vicinity of the square, there is also a medieval market, and also the only free market place, where the most famous products of Trebinje are sold on wooden tables, such as honey, wine, fruits and vegetables.


Source: seesrpska


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