Home Industries The life of HPP “Trebinje 1” extended by 20 years

The life of HPP “Trebinje 1” extended by 20 years


The rehabilitation and modernization of the hydroelectric power plant “Trebinje 1”which is being implemented as part of the “Power three” project, will extend the plants life by 20 years, said the director of HPP “Trebinje 1” Marko Mitrovic.

Mitrovic said that the equipment installed during the previous two stages of rehabilitation works flawlessly and that after the current, third phase, is finished, the complete electro-mechanical equipment of HPP will have been replaced with the latest generation equipment.

The cooperation with the German development bank “KFW”is being realized through the project “Power three”, which has been ongoing since 2001, as well as the project “Rehabilitation and modernization of hydroelectric power plant “Trebinje 1”” through three stages, said Mitrovic.

He outlined the production results achieved by the plant adding that planned production this year is 1,078.20 GWh, while by mid April 390.69 GWh were generated, which is 44.37 gigawatt-hours more than planned.


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