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The List of Products that will be cheaper in Republika Srpska has been expanded


The Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Republika Srpska, Denis Sulic, said that the list of business entities participating in the “Socially Responsible” campaign has been significantly expanded, as well as the list of products that will be cheaper.

Sulic announced that detailed information about the campaign will be available to the public today, in which traders from all over the Republika Srpska joined in the first step.

Following inflationary trends, we decided to extend the campaign to manufacturers and suppliers, and activities were initiated to create a list of products that will be included in the campaign, and which will be available to citizens with a significantly lower margin, and even a margin of zero percent, which will be waived by all participants in the supply chain – from manufacturers, through distributors to final retailers,” said Sulic.

According to him, the ministry launched a “Socially Responsible” campaign in June, in which, in light of global economic conditions, inflation, and price increases affecting the domestic market, retailers will show a gesture of solidarity and offer consumers a range of products at reduced prices, giving up part of the margin.

Since yesterday, some Banja Luka markets and shops have highlighted products that citizens can buy as part of the “Socially Responsible” campaign.

Various dried processed meat products can be found on the shelves at discounted prices.

The action to lower the prices of domestic products, as a form of assistance to the population, was initiated by the President of the Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik.

At the meeting of the Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska, Radovan Viskovic, with representatives of traders, suppliers, and local producers, the possibility of expanding the “Socially Responsible” campaign was agreed upon, the focus of which is to show solidarity towards consumers by placing products at lower prices in retail stores in the Republika Srpska.

The Minister previously stated that responsible producers in the Republika Srpska are reducing the prices of food and chemical products, which will be cheaper by almost four BAM compared to now.


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