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The Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge – a historic bridge in Višegrad (VIDEO)


The famous bridge over the Drina river was built in the period from 1571 to 1577 by at that time the most famous Turkish architect Koјa Mimar Sinan, on the orders of the Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic.

Rezultat slika za andricgrad i most mehmed pase sokolovica

It was built in the eastern style and represents the master piece of that era. The bridge consists of 11 arches with mild ascend towards the middle section and the exit dock on the left coast. Above the arches in the whole length are wraths on top of the fence. The total length is 179, 5 m, the height with the regular river water level is 15, 40 m and the width is 6, 30 meters.

The bridge was made of stone, tuff, or bigra, brought from Višegrad spa. There is extension at the sixth pillar on both sides. On the access dock at the left river bank are three arches made with broken arches. The sofa was put in the middle of the bridge foreseen to be used for resting for passengers, across of which the stone portal is placed. In the past there was a wooden house in the middle of the bridge with a buffer stop and a bridge guards, and that part of the bridge is therefore called The Gate. Here are two plates made of white marble with the lyrics of the writer called Nihadija in Arabic alphabet, that speak about the constructor and the year of construction.


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