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The most Beautiful Mountain in BiH-Heaven for Mountaineers and Lovers of Nature!


Zelengora, a mountain within the National park Sutjeska is considered as one of the most beautiful in B&H. A dense forest, pastures and lakes with the crystal clear water impress anyone who visit this natural gem on Balkans.

With the arrival of nice weather, Zelengora revives and becomes a target of mountaineers, visitors and lovers of unspoiled nature.

For an experienced mountaineer and a mountain guide, Hasna Smjecnin, Zelengora is a sumptuous mountain that is mild and wild at the same time. Smjecanin said that Zelengora is very suitable for mountain biking, because, while driving through wooded areas you can enjoy in its majestic peaks.

A treasure of this mountain are its clear glacial lakes as well.

“I would especially single out Gornje and Donje Bare, as well as Kotlanicko lake which is suitable for swimming, the Stirinsko lake near which are tombstones““, said Smjecanin.

The richness of flora and fauna on Zelengora is unique in the world in many ways. The most of lakes are rich with fish, and the entire surface of the mountain with the medicinal herbs.

Although probably the most beautiful mountain in our country, Zelengora is hard to reach. Roads are mainly gravel and bad, and there is a small number of mountain huts and rest areas on the mountain itself.

“There is an object in Donje Bare owned by the National Park Sutjeska, that is available for rent. Also, there is a smaller facility near Orlovacko lake“, said Smjecanin.

But, because of it, the mountain is great for camping, and sleeping under the stars is a unique experience. Organized visits to Zelengora are rare just because of the bad roads, but there are no obstacles for mountaineers when it comes to the enjoyment in natural treasures and beauty.

“Very beautiful mountain with beautiful landscapes and greenery, heaven on earth“, said mountaineer Mahira Sehic.


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