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The most expensive Ecological Project in Srpska to be completed next Year?

TE Gacko

The Ambassador of Japan to BiH, Hideyki Sakamoto, stated that the desulphurization plant of the Thermal Power Plant “Ugljevik” will be completed by the middle of next year, and he also noted the importance of this plant for ecology of our region and even beyond.

He also noted his positive impressions on the progress of the process of this plant’s construction, which is the result of bilateral cooperation between BiH and Japan.

“The progress of the project is very good, and more than 60 % of the construction works have been completed so far, and the process of procurement of the equipment and facilities is currently taking place. Therefore, we expect the test period to start in the middle of the next year as foreseen by the contract,” stated the Director of the Mine and Thermal Power Plant “Ugljevik”, Djordje Popovic.

Popovic noted that the project is very importance for ecology, but also for the overall development and continuation of the production of electricity in this power plant.

He expressed his belief that mine Ugljevik will have complete ecological energy in the middle of next year.

He also added that mine “Ugljevik” could not continue working without this project.

Popovic stated that the project of desulphurization is financed by the Japanese organization for international co-operation and investment in a total amount of 100 million EUR, and that they signed contract on 80 million EUR.

The project for the construction of desulphurization plant of TPP “Ugljevik” represents the largest and most expensive ecological project both in BiH and the region, and its value was estimated at 100 million EUR.




Source: sarajevotimes


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