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The National Assembly adopts the economic policy for 2014

Narodna Skupština

The National Assembly of Republika Srpska has on an expedited basis adopted the economic policy for 2014 whose main objectives are to create the conditions for economic relief, increased economic activity, encourage sustainable employment growth and improve the financial sector while maintaining the same tax rate .

The government put special emphasis on the strengthening of economic activity, the fight against crime and corruption, the establishment of an efficient and fair judiciary, further European integration and the strengthening of regional cooperation.

In the economic policy, the government has decided to further increase the pensions account, increase the base salary for Veterans and to improve the position of all groups in society.

Furthermore, the economic policy shows the government’s commitment to investment activity, stabilization of the health sector, the improvement of the quality of health services as well as the social system, family and child care.

A decision to accept Srpska’s debit to the European Investment Bank, for the construction of the highway Banja Luka Doboj, was also adopted, in the amount of 160.000.000 EUR.

The National Assembly had previously adopted the budget for 2014 in the amount of 2,025,000,000 KM . The total budget revenues amount to 1.620458 billion KM, while total budgetary expenditure and expenditure on non-financial assets total 1,530,405,400 KM.


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