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The National Assembly reconvenes

Narodna Skupština

The National Assembly of Republika Srpska reviewed the Academy of Sciences and Arts Bill (ANURS) which regulates the status and role of the institution.

The Minister of Science and Technology Jasmin Komic, said that the legal provisions govern the procedure for proposing the election of members, activities and the internal organization, as well as the management and financing of ANURS.

“The law stipulates that ANURS is the highest scientific and artistic institution in Republika Srpska, which organizes, develops and promotes scientific, artistic and cultural activities”, said Komic to MP’s of the National Assembly.

He pointed out that ANURS is an independent institution run by members of the Academy, who can have the status of a regular, associate or overseas member.

Geological Research

The Geological Research Bill provides that research concessions only be awarded for research on coal, hydrocarbons and other natural gas, coal shale, radioactive minerals and geothermal energy.

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Zeljko Kovacevic, said that in this case research of other raw minerals will need his official approval before it is commenced.

Furthermore, a new addition to the law is the licencing of geological exploration. Under this bill detailed geological research, development and revision of geological documentation, keeping a book of records of mineral reserves and expert supervision over the execution of detailed geological studies may be performed by a company that has a license issued by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.

The researcher can be a domestic or foreign legal entity to whom the Ministry granted authorization, in accordance to the law, to perform geological research.

MP from DNS, Svetlana Sredic, believes that the right to geological research should be granted to all legal entities under the same conditions, and not just to companies as the law defines.

Waste Management

The Waste Management Bill was also reviewed. This law regulates the type and classification of waste, management planning, responsibilities and obligations in waste management and the management of specific waste streams.

The law is intended to prevent the creation of new illegal landfills in Republika Srpska and to define the management of specific waste streams, such as used batteries and accumulators, waste oils, tires, electronic and electrical waste.

The new law also regulates medical waste, placing it in the category of special waste which is financed from earmarked funds.

Ski Lifts Bill

This bill regulates the manner of designing, manufacturing, construction and use of lifts.

The law governs the conditions for the safe operation of lifts and the safety of persons who use them. It is anticipated that the lifts must have an operation permit and that an annual inspection is required.

Higher Education

The Bill on Amendments to the Law on Higher Education has added compulsory examination periods in April and October which will contain one test date.

This law stipulates that the full-time status ceases when a student does not complete his/her studies by the deadline, which is the number of school years required for the realization of the study program, doubled.

The Act states that a professors tenure at a higher education institution is terminated at the end of the school year during which he attains the age of 70.

SDS deputy Radomir Pasic, believes that the the examination period needs to be more precisely defined whilst PDPs Velimir Sakan, believes that the Government should withdraw the bill from Parliament entirely, because it does not address key issues related to admission policies, exam dates and titles received after graduation.


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