Home Assembly The National Assembly’s 32nd session convenes in Banja Luka

The National Assembly’s 32nd session convenes in Banja Luka

Narodna Skupština

Next to be discussed at the 32nd session of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska  is the bill on the Academy of Sciences and Arts, on Geological Surveys, the bill on Waste Management and on ski lifts for the transportation of persons.

The draft on Amendments to the Law on Higher Education and on Amendments to the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence will also be reviewed.

The Prime Minister of Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, yesterday rejected the opposition’s claim that the current government is selling Srpska’s natural resources.

She stated that the government is implementing energy projects in order to create a better tomorrow. Cvijanovic added that energy projects for “Uglevik three” have begun and that the Government of Srpska has signed a concessions agreement with Ugljevik’s company “Komsar energy”.

On the matter of housing provisions, Cvijanovic said that since 2006 four million EUR have been allocated for the housing of families with four or more children and 1.6 million EUR for subsidy rates for young married couples.

The proposal for the revision of the budget for 2013 was reviewed during yesterdays session of the National Assembly. The Minister of Finances Zoran Tegetlija, said that the budget revision is equal to this year’s budget of 1 billion EUR.

The annual budget revenues in the revised budget will be higher by 20 million, amounting to 0.8 billion EUR, while proceeds for non-financial assets will be significantly lower than the planned 25  million, amounting to only 2.5 million EUR.

In the revised budget 180, 000 is planned for borrowing which is less by about 2.6 million EUR than in the budget.

Tegeltija pointed out that funds on the basis of dividends from “Elektroprenos” make up most of the increases in budget revenues, planned in the amount of 20 million EUR, while there is a large drop in revenues for non-financial assets due to low sales of non-perspective military assets.

Speaking about expenditures, the position for personal income will be increased by 7 million EUR, due to an increase in base salary of budget users to 53 EUR in the second half of the year.

The expenses for the use of goods and services decreased by 3.7  million, whilst the funds acquired through indirect taxes are estimated to be lower by 10 million EUR in relation to the budget. Tegeltija assured the PM’s that this will be covered by the rise in revenues from personal income and corporate income taxes, which are estimated to 8 million EUR.

A reduction of subsidies to 0.8 million is significant according to Tegeltija, this occurred due to the delay of companies with whom the government signed a contract for the implementation of subsidized projects.

The transfer between budget units at the same level of government provided additional funding for accommodation and meals for students in dormitories in the amount of 0.5 million EUR, 200,000 EUR more than was allocated by the budget went to the Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and 200, 000 EUR was spent on the representative office of Republika Srpska.


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