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The Nodas Organization Helps Women Start Their First Business


Beneficiaries of the project “Empowerment of Agricultural, Craft and service-led Enterprises in Women in Konjić, Kladanj and Vlasenica” have signed a contract with representatives of the “Nodas” organization in Vlasenica.

The goal of this project is to give women a chance to start and develop their first job.

Regardless of whether the beneficiaries of this project live in the city or in the countryside, starting a new business, with a significant grant, will allow them a better economic situation.

– We applied for a gift and balloon making machine. It is something new and contemporary to keep our customers happy as we do wedding decorations. Air conditioning is very important to us because the flowers in the summer due to high temperatures decay and calories, so now we will have far less waste – said Cvijeta Lalović, the florist.

The beneficiaries of the project received grants in the amount of 6,000 KM, with their own participation of about 15%.

– Today we had the opportunity for our users, that is, new members to get all the equipment. These are women in the service industry and we as an association have become richer for these nine members. It is important for the association that the “Nodas” organization helped us too, they donated a press for the processing of fruits and vegetables – said Desanka Nikolić, Women’s Association “Podrinje” Vlasenica.

Željko Damljanović, Head of the Development Department of Vlasenica Municipality states that contracts have been signed with eight beneficiaries and the Podrinje Women’s Association, which is also one of the beneficiaries of this project.

As he said, the equipment has already started to arrive, and they are expecting a contract with the other 13 users soon.

The total value of the project is 850,000 KM for all three municipalities covered by this project.

Vlasenica Municipality participates in the project for beneficiaries from this municipality with about 66,000 KM.


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