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The number of hospitalized is growing, health workers are overworked


In the Republic of Srpska, until yesterday, due to the coronavirus, a total of 129 patients were hospitalized, and the day before 118, according to the Institute of Public Health of Srpska.

In just one day, the total number of hospitalized in the University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska increased from 35 to 42, while, as of yesterday, there were six patients on this respirator in this health institution, and three the day before.

In addition to the six patients on the respirator, one was on a high-flow nasal cannula and one on an oxygen mask.

In other hospitals in Srpska, four more patients were hospitalized during the day.

Vlado Đajić, the general director of the UCC, said that the health workers were exhausted. He once again called on the citizens to behave responsibly, wear protective masks and respect all preventive measures in order to reduce the number of newly infected people.

– I would like to praise all those who adhere to it. However, those who are less conscientious not only risk their own and the health of their loved ones, but also do work for health workers, who do not have time to rest – Đajić pointed out for Srpskainfo.

He adds that it is true that most of those infected have a mild clinical picture, but that there are also those who end up on respirators, including younger people.

– That means that we should all be extremely careful and wear protective equipment according to the regulations. And those who do not want to wear masks properly, but wear them under the nose or chin, let them take them off. Because that is no protection – said Đajić.




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