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The Orthodox New Year celebrated throughout the Republic of Srpska


The Serbian, Russian, Georgian Orthodox Church, the Holy Mountain and the Jerusalem Patriarchate, respecting the July calendar, celebrated the New Year at midnight.

In the temples of the Serbian Orthodox Church, molebs were served at midnight, while the celebrations were mostly in catering establishments, but also in squares with fireworks. The Orthodox New Year in our nation is also called Little Christmas, because on that day ends with Christmas ceremony.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chair Milorad Dodik stated in Mrcevci outside Laktasi on Sunday night the Orthodox New Year is always a good reason for the Serbs to come around and sent best wishes to all Serbs around the world.

“To round up the values such as our faith, our patron saint’s day, our Republika Srpska, our Serbia is something that motivates us again and again and should be another reason to come together,” Dodik told the press ahead of the traditional welcome of the Orthodox New Year in the scope of which a service was held for a blessed and prosperous year.

Dodik said he was very happy to ring in the Orthodox New Year in the village of Mrcevci where he grew up.

“Everyone from the villages gathers in the church and I am always glad to be here with my fellow villagers,” said Dodik.

He wished all Serbs around the world to have good and happy days, to find a reason to enjoy every single day and forget about problems.




Source: srna/frontal


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