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The Parliament of Srpska Is the Only One in Bih to Fulfill All Its Obligations


The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Nedeljko Čubrilović, said that the Parliament of the Republic of Srpska is the most efficient in BiH and the only one that fully fulfills all its obligations.

– We were constituted in time after the elections, the Government of Srpska was elected, the budget and all legal solutions that were on the agenda were adopted, regardless of the crisis period due to the coronary virus pandemic. We did all the work that was set before us – said Čubrilović.

He assessed that it is much easier to work in this convocation when decisions are made by a two-majority majority and that the adoption of the new rulebook of the National Assembly enabled more efficient work of the republican parliament.

Čubrilović stated that the Council of Peoples is often abused, mostly by the Bosniak people, and that each time it is just a postponement of certain decisions.

– We have never made decisions to the detriment of anyone else, but Bosniaks are simply bothered by something politically and they immediately put the problem to the Council of Peoples and want it to be considered. We have a joint commission that should harmonize that before the court, but that is a conversation of `deaf phones` – said Čubrilović for K3 Television.

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska said that the cooperation with the Government of Srpska is very correct, as well as the cooperation with the President of Srpska Željka Cvijanović and the Serb member of the Presidency of BiH Milorad Dodik.

Speaking about the Dayton Agreement, Čubrilović said that the agreement was quite devastated by the decisions of the High Representative for the most part, but also by some decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court, and added that the presence of foreign judges is not a good solution for BiH.

When it comes to the possibility of BiH gaining candidate status for EU accession next year, Čubrilović said that BiH cannot join the Union with the High Representative and foreign judges.

– BiH must adopt certain standards and only then can it expect more serious work on that issue. But the very fact that yesterday’s meeting between the members of the Presidency of BiH and the leaders of the EU was discussed about it makes everyone happy and I am sure that Srpska will sincerely work on it as well – stated Čubrilović.

Speaking about the rapprochement between Croatia and BiH, Čubrilović said that he believed that Croatian politics understood, whether at the insistence of Croats from BiH or by changing the political position in Croatia itself, that it should defend the Dayton Agreement and become more actively involved.

– Maybe the cohabitation in Croatia itself led to that – said Čubrilović.

He pointed out that the majority of BiH citizens are happy with the cooperation with Croatia.

– We have the problem of the nuclear waste dump on Trgovska gora, the problem of the Peljesac bridge, the corridor, and these are things that all BiH citizens are vitally interested in solving – said the president of the Srpska parliament.

Čubrilović emphasized that Srpska is interested in Montenegro functioning in a different way, that Serbs get their protection, but that he does not expect much from the change of government, that some relations or status will change, because, as he emphasized, Montenegro has a different view of things, and not to think that everything has been resolved in that country.




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