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The Price of Electricity will not change in the Republika Srpska


Director of “Elektroprivreda Republika Srpska”  Luka Petrović stated that the price of electricity will not change in the Republika Srpska this year.

Petrović said that the aspiration of ERS is not to increase the price of electricity, but to continue to provide the citizens of RS with the lowest price in the region.

He stated that ERS has been an exporter of electricity since the beginning of its operation, which is significant at the moment, because the prices are higher, which increases the income that enables the construction of new facilities.

According to him, ERS is the only company in the region that has separated public supply from distribution activities, which means that the distribution network can accept any supplier for any consumer in the Republic of Srpska.

Speaking about the five major projects of ERS, Petrović said that the financial construction and main works on the completion of the hydroelectric power plant /HE/ “Dabar” with a capacity of 160 megawatts and production of about 550 gigawatt-hours of new electricity in the system have been completed.

“The second object is the HPP in Bistrica, with a power of about 36 megawatts and a production of about 140 gigawatt-hours, and as for the third object, it is the HPP “Mrsovo” on the river Lim with a power of about 36.3 megawatts,” Petrović told BHR1.

He added that the works on the wind power plant “Hrgud” were not interrupted, although the announcements of a minister from the German government were that funding would be stopped, while an arrangement was entered into with a Hungarian company in the solar power plant project “Trebinje jedan”.

Speaking about the HPP “Buk Bijela” facility, Petrović said that the preparatory works for the construction of this facility have been completed, and he emphasized that this project will contribute to the development of the entire BiH, by employing the workforce and maintaining the power plant.

“That’s why I think that facility has a future for all citizens,” Petrović said.

Speaking about the future of the energy sector, Petrović pointed out that the need for electricity will increase, because Europe and the world want to get rid of electricity production from coal, forcing the production of electricity from gas, from nuclear power plants and renewable energy sources.

“We in the Republika Srpska currently have surplus energy that we must not throw away, but use to build sources of cheap energy, namely the sun, wind and water,” concluded Petrović, Srna reports.


Source: sarajevotimes.com


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