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The Prime Minister attends the “Serbian Day” in Canada


​Within the official programme of her visit to Canada, Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic attended the event called “Serbian Day” which is traditionally held in the Canadian Province of Ontario for the 72nd time.

The gathering which took place on St. George Church Estate in Niagara Falls was attended by prominent members of the political and social life and business community of Canada and the Serbian diaspora.

On this occasion Prime Minister Cvijanovic met with the Mayor of Niagara Falls, Jim Diodati and the Member of the Ontario Province Parliament, Wayne Gates who attended the central opening of this event.

Speaking at the central ceremony of “Serbian Day”, the Prime Minister congratulated the forthcoming holiday of St.Vitus’s to the audience which has been the occasion for holding of the Serbian Day and also took the opportunity to extend her congratulations to the officials and citizens of Canada for the celebration of 150 years of Canada which is also part of this event.

On this occasion Prime Minister Cvijanovic pointed to the importance of maintaining the institutional connections with the Serbian diaspora and to its political and economic capacity in the countries where they live to represent and protect the interests of the Republic of Srpska. The Prime Minister sent a message to the members of the Serbian diaspora to get actively involved in the political life and to support those political options which they believe would show greater understanding for the position of Republic of Srpska and Serbia.

Prime Minister further emphasized in her speech at the Serbian Day that Canada was economically one of the most developed countries in the world, a country rich in natural resources but was also open for other nations which thanks to such a policy has also given a chance to the Serbian community to grow and prosper.

“Many of our countrymen have come to Canada due to various circumstances and many have made significant achievements in different areas. Serbian diaspora represents an important resource and our joint efforts can make our ties stronger and better. Historic connections, joint culture and tradition oblige us to build bridges of cooperation and preserve our identity and develop in that way”, Prime Minister Cvijanovic stated.




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