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The purchase of basic provisions will be limited


The Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska Radovan Višković has announced that the Headquarters for Emergency Situations of Republika Srpska will limit the amount of basic provisions that can be purchased.

Višković said it is a measure of the maximum amount that a person would be able to buy in a store.

He stated that this applies to flour, oil, sugar, salt and other quantities of supplies, and that the amount of flour will be limited to ten kilograms.

“There is no need to make a home stocks, accumulation the products, and to make a shortage”, Višković said.

He has added that the Government of Srpska and the Government of Serbia will go into the procurement of larger quantities of wheat, oil, salt, and sugar.

“At the moment, we have sufficient quantities of basic foodstuffs in Republika Srpska, but we will go into the procurement of larger quantities”, Višković added.

He also announced that anyone who violates the measures of domestic self-isolation his date would be published and placed in a tent quarantine.

“Such persons will no longer be treated in home self-isolation. We cannot allow irresponsible individuals to threaten citizens who behave in accordance with the recommendations”, Višković said.

According to him, measures related to restriction of movement for persons older than 65 years and all citizens will be rigorously implemented tonight from 20.00 to 5.00.

Višković stressed that he would address the Armed Forces with the question of what accommodation facilities in Srpska they could prepare for admission if needed.


Source: srna


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