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The Quiz “Nauči se, čovječe!” Achieved True Results


The President of Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović said today that the quiz “Nauči se, čovječe!” achieved real results and success, engaging children, pupils and youth of Srpska to publicly demonstrate their knowledge through fun and games, and the institutional support for this significant project will be continued.

Cvijanović, who hosted a reception for the participants of the quiz finals, at the Palace of the Republic, told reporters that it was the largest educational and entertainment program, organized with the support of the Republic of Srpska’s institutions.”I congratulate everyone who had a part in this project. The quiz succeeded in achieving its true goal – to interest children, pupils and youth of Srpska to show knowledge through fun and games,” said Cvijanović.

She expressed her satisfaction as being one of those who supported the realization of this project.

“We will support the quiz in the future, because it gave the right results. The fact that 32 schools participated in it, shows that it is well-designed and that it should give something to society and the community”.

She said that the finalists from the schools ‘’Branko Copić’’ in Banja Luka, ‘’Novak Pivašević’’ Čelinac, ‘’Sveti Sava’’ Doboj and ‘’Jovan Dučić’’ Bijeljina, will be awarded prizes.

“The President’s Cabinet will provide all finalists with the complete sports equipment, while the winning school will be equipped with a new classroom or something for which the need arises. As a society, we should continue to invest in these and similar projects in order to keep the children gathered around something as knowledge, but to do it in a leisurely way”, said Cvijanović, to whom the quiz leaders presented a convenient gift in memory of the “Nauči se, čovječe! “quiz.

The authors and project leaders are the famous acting couple Nenad Okanović and Bojan Ivković.

The quiz requires a high level of knowledge, as well as numerous skills, noting that this carefully thought out quiz is reminiscent of the well-known “Ludo” game.

Thirty-two schools from 28 municipalities in Srpska, each with two teams from sixth to ninth grade, quizzed their knowledge of Serbian language, Geography, History and General Culture at the RTRS Broadcasting House in June.

Counselors from the Republic Pedagogical Institute have prepared more than 2 000 questions from the curriculum of these classes.




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