The Reform Agenda Defines Co-Operation, There Must Be Citizen Support for the Path to NATO


    The Republic of Srpska President Željka Cvijanović said the BiH Reform Program is a document defining BiH’s path to stable cooperation with NATO, and that there must be support from citizens and institutions’ decisions for a path to NATO.

    This document definitely implies that we have cooperation with NATO and I believe that we should have that cooperation, while the path to NATO implies that there must be support for such a process – said Cvijanović.

    She explained that there must be a commitment to NATO membership, that is, for citizens to declare whether they want membership, and to make an appropriate decision in the institutions.

    Cvijanović believes that unnecessary noise has been made regarding the Reform Program, adding that she has had the opportunity to see this document and that it has cleared many of the issues that were problematic in the Annual National Program.

    – We have looked at different examples in the region and that may be why this has all been problematized. There was an example where the will of the citizens was very clear that they would not join NATO, so they were introduced to NATO by certain methods, and there was an example that it was known that there would be resistance, so the procedures for declaring the people were omitted, so they found themselves in NATO – Cvijanovicć told Federal Television.

    The President of the Republic of Srpska emphasized that the Reform Program resembles many documents signed in BiH with various foreigners, and reiterated that it was a document defining co-operation “which should be intensive and appropriate for all parties”.

    – I have never disputed, nor would I ever dispute the need to cooperate within the security and strengthening of security capacities, modernization, preparation for “God forbid situations” – added Cvijanović.

    Speaking about the imposition of a law by the High Representative to ban genocide denial, Cvijanović stressed that politicians and institutions in the Republic of Srpska did not accept the imposition of any law.

    – The imposition of any law shows the incapacity of BiH, and the atmosphere in the country would only be worse, and secondly, it distracts us from the European path. No imposition can be expected. Only democratically elected institutions need to agree, adopt laws, pass regulations, make certain arrangements, negotiate with international financial organizations – said Cvijanović.

    According to her, there is disagreement in BiH about the qualification of genocide, and imposing this law would only divert BiH from its path to the EU, which she said was skeptical.

    – I respect every victim in BiH and I believe that no sacrifice was needed. Many things could have been resolved in a different, wise and clever way, instead of peoples suffering from all sides, moving out of their homes, and especially losing their loved ones, family members – said Cvijanović.

    When it comes to the controversial photo that appeared in Srebrenica, she said that tensions were raised that created anxiety and fear for both Serb and Bosniak children and their parents, adding that it should not have happened.

    – I think the education system should relieve the burden of that kind. We need to talk, so that everyone is relieved of certain fears – both Serb and Bosniak children, and their parents so that the children are not subjected to some blows – said the President of Srpska, and said that only by talking can such issues be resolved.

    She pointed out that many things do not belong in school, family, street or institutions.

    – In BiH, you are still fighting for identity, for the right of collectivity, trying to find a measure between what is the right of collectivity and the right of the individual. We are not successful here – said Cvijanović.

    According to her, in BiH, it should be talked about which school achieved the best results, which school is best equipped, that children from the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of BiH compete in knowledge.

    – It’s a country I consider normal. If I can make a contribution for the state to be like that, to talk, to solve problems, to compete for good and not for evil, to compete in how much we will help each other and not how much rest we will have, I am in favor of such a state and it is tailored to me, ” concluded Cvijanović.


    Source: RTRS


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