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The Republic of Srpska Government Decides: Six Rounds of Debt Repayment on the Stock Exchange This Year


The Government of the Republic of Srpska has decided to implement a total of six multilateral compensations and cessions this year, which will be implemented in February, April, June, August, October and December 2020, the banjaluka.net portal from the Banja Luka Stock Exchange has confirmed.

The decision stated that, within the framework of multilateral compensations and cessions, to be implemented through the Banja Luka Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Srpska reports unchallenged systematically approved liabilities of the budget revenue users of the Republic of Srpska whose records are in the General Book of Treasury of the Republic of Srpska, which are due, then the Republic of Srpska’s obligations to the Republic of Srpska Health Insurance Fund, the Republic of Srpska Children’s Fund and the Employment Service of Republic of Srpska, and the Republic’s obligations to local self-government units and other users of public revenue, based on the allocation of public revenues that may arise multilateral compensation.

– The obligations of the Republic cannot be transferred to another creditor by cession or sale of claims – this decision reads.

It is added that the local self-government unit reports the uncontested systemically approved liabilities of the users of the revenues of the budget of the municipality/city whose records are in the General Treasury book of the municipality/city, which are due for payment.

In the case of funds, they report uncontested liabilities which, according to the planned budget, or the financial plan of the fund, are due for payment by the date specified in the decision on the dates of implementation of multilateral compensations and cessions.

We remind that over 16 multilateral compensations organized so far in the Republic of Srpska have compensated more than 750 million KM.

For clarification, multilateral compensation is a way of offsetting, or offsetting, liabilities and claims between participants who have reported their liabilities to the system, whereby participants may not be in a debt-trust relationship at the same time, but have claims and liabilities to at least one of the participants in multilateral compensation.

The system allows participants to offset liabilities and claims, and system participants are all entities included in the Republic of Srpska budget system, companies, banks, insurance companies, micro-credit organizations, agencies, sports companies, entrepreneurs, agricultural holdings and other legal entities that operate through bank accounts.




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