The Republic of Srpska Will Fight for Its Rights


    The latest decision of the BiH Constitutional Court is a flagrant “coup”, as it represents an attack on a territorial organization to which the Republic of Srpska belongs to 49 percent and the Federation of BiH to 51 percent of the territory.

    This was stated by Serb Member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik, commenting on the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH, which found that Article 53 of the Law on Agricultural Land of Srpska was contrary to the Constitution of BiH and that the regulation of state property was the exclusive jurisdiction of BiH. Dodik states that this is a ‘red line’ and that no one should doubt that the Republic of Srpska will fight for its constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    The BiH Constitution states that BiH operates with a modified internal structure and with existing internationally recognized borders. In translation, the territory belongs to the entities, and the external border is the internationally recognized border of BiH, ” Dodik explained in a statement to Srna.

    He emphasized that “state property can by no means be BiH property since BiH does not have the designation ‘state’ or ‘republic’ or any other.

    – The property may be exclusively owned by the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of BiH, while BiH has only a border. There is a sign of equality between the land and the territory, and the territory belongs exclusively to the entities – Dodik said.

    The constitutional basis for the last decision of the Constitutional Court is, he says, completely unacceptable and that is why it is necessary for the institutions of the Republic of Srpska to take all necessary activities to protect the Dayton structure of BiH and the autonomy of Republika Srpska. Dodik stressed that the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH is political and Republika Srpska’s response will not be absent.

    – This is our ‘red line’ for the BiH judicial apparatus, which seems to be doing nothing but trying to impose wrongful decisions and adjudicate on Republika Srpska, starting with the coat of arms, anthem, flag, Republic Day, all the way to the territory – Dodik believes.

    Last year, the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska adopted the Law on Agricultural Land, which defines that state agricultural land is the property of Srpska. The Constitutional Court of BiH found that this contravened the Constitution of BiH and that it was “the exclusive competence of BiH in regulating matters of state property”.




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