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The Sase Monastery: A Treasury of Spirituality (PHOTO)


The Sase Monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the mining village of Sase, in the hills between Srebrenica and Bratunac municipality.

It was built in 1242 by Serbian King Stefan Uroš I, and was a metochion (property) of Hilandar. Considering that the monastery is located in an area that was known in Roman times for its rich deposits of silver, lead and zinc, it is considered to have been erected out of the religious needs of the Orthodox workers in the mines of the area.

For almost 400 years, the foundations of the former monastery were covered with layers of earth, oblivion and ignorance. The foundation and walls of the church were unearthed and renovated in 1850.

The renovation of the monastery began in 1989, when the foundations for the monastery residence were consecrated and a new copper roof was erected to mark its 750th anniversary.

The monastery suffered damage during the war in early 1992.

In 2002, the new renovation began, and after seven years of reconstruction, on the 18th September, 2010, the monastery was consecrated.




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