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The SNSD Executive Committee: The Ministry of Finance Is Abusing the Consequences of the Pandemic, We Must Preserve the Competencies of Srpska


The SNSD Executive Committee believes that the approach of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) towards BiH does not respect the real situation in BiH, abuses the consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and is politically focused on collapsing the BiH constitutional order, which is unexpected from the World Financial Organization.

– The Executive Committee (EC) considers that within the talks between the Government of Republic of Srpska and the IMF on a new arrangement, the constitutional position and competencies of the Republic of Srpska must be preserved and that the Government rejects any arrangement requiring any transfer of competencies and political conditioning.

Support for the Budget Proposal and economic reforms

– SNSD supported the Budget Proposal and the Program of Economic Reforms for 2021, and the deputies of this party will vote for it in the National Assembly – said the leader of SNSD, Milorad Dodik, after the session of the Executive Committee of the party.

It was stated at the session that the amendments to the budget and reforms are taking place under very difficult conditions of the pandemic, which affects the economic and social components.

He pointed out that the Executive Committee of the SNSD supports the policy of preserving the achieved level of salaries in the Republika Srpska, and that the foreigners are determined not to question that in the next year.

Also, the Executive Committee supports the decision on the harmonization of salaries and pensions, which implies an increase in pensions from January 1.




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