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The Song “Oblivion” by DIS Youth Theater Delighted the Audience


A few days ago, members of the DIS Banja Luka Youth Theater released “Oblivion”, a video clip for a song from the play “Diary of an Unknown Generation” and delighted the audience.

The play was done by young people from the shores of Vrbas, some new kids who have been making their own world over the last few years.

– The play is about old diaries written by hand and about the love that happens to us at least once in our lives – stated by DIS.

Tijana Anđela Kasipović sang the song “Oblivion” in a maestral way.

The author of the text is Aleksandar Vasiljević, a student of dramaturgy at the Academy in Banja Luka.

The composer is Zoran Šugic, the video was designed by Ognjen Bogdanović and was realized by the  UNVO channel. The video was shot in the studio “Zibor”.

– The author of the play is Milan Bogdanović, a young eighteen-year-old with enviable theatrical opus and awards such as “Ant”, the Svetosavska Prize and the Fedra Prize – added from DIS.

The video stars Kristina Čulić and Filip Ignjatić.

The play is in the repertoire of the DIS Banja Luka Youth Theater, and the audience will be able to watch it on the stage of the Banja Luka Youth Center in early February.






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