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The stealing of Serbian monasteries: “How Serbs Stole Albanian History” broadcast in North Macedonia


A documentary entitled, “The Great Serbian Historical Deception – How Serbs Stole Albanian History” was on May 30 broascast on Albanian television Top Channel, which can be watched in both Kosovo and Metohija and in North Macedonia, where historical facts are falsified in order to promote a Greater Albania policy, the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia announced yesterday.

The ministry says that the film “brazenly falsifies historical facts” and declares Serb churches, monasteries and monumental and spiritual traditions in Kosovo and Metohija as Albanian – with the clear goal of promoting a Greater Albania pogrom policy, to the detriment of Serbia and the Serb people.

According to a statement, this expensive production with participation of a large team that realized it, is “a disgraceful and grotesque historical falsification that would be just a sad provocation if it did not contain dangerous intentions in a politically challenging and tense era.”

“The Ministry of Culture and Information must once again point out to the domestic and international public these obviously orchestrated activities from the chauvinist circles of some neighboring countries in the region that are aimed at annulling, erasing from history or taking over Serb cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. Such attempts have all the hallmarks of cultural genocide, and that is, as history teaches us, often an introduction into physical genocide,” the statement reads.

The Ministry of Culture and Information calls on all pillars of such attempts, individuals, groups and institutions to exercise restraint, and on the Serbian public, educational and cultural system, diplomacy and media, state institutions, the SANU, Matica Srpska, universities and all other social entities to be aware and active in these worrying circumstances, and to pay full attention to affirmation, protection and promotion of Serbian culture, tradition, language and script in the country and especially in the international context.

“When someone today threatens the cultural-historical identity and tradition of a nation, tomorrow they will inevitably endanger its physical survival. The Serb people, wherever the Serb society and the state live, have the right and an obligation to oppose these sinister intentions strongly and in a dignified, peaceful, but decisive manner,” the ministry said.


Source: telegraf.rs


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