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The Stone Bridge and the Canyon of River Miljacka Are Natural Phenomena That Should Be Protected


The speleological-ecological association “Orlovača” has been actively working for three years on the protection of natural resources in the area of the municipality of Pale, and this year with a special emphasis on the stone bridge and the Paljanska Miljacka, said the president of this association Mladen Samardžić.

Samardžić reminded that in the municipality of Pale there are numerous natural phenomena that were under protection in the SFRY, and which represented both tourists and facilities for various geological research.

– One of them is overgrowth – a stone bridge located in the canyon of Paljanska Miljacka and represents a rock arch, ie a rock formation in which the arch was formed by the influence of wind and water – said Samardžić.

He pointed out that, in addition to the natural, the stone bridge has a great tourist significance and is one of the most important resources that need to be protected.

Samardžić added that there is a painting by an unknown author of this natural phenomenon, which dates from 1785, and that the stone bridge has historical significance.

He said that the members of the Speleological-Ecological Society “Orlovača”, in cooperation with the Aarhus Center for Information and Public Participation in the Field of Environment in BiH, launched an initiative to protect this natural phenomenon, within the project “Thoughts on Nature”.

– The first steps that need to be done are marking the trail and setting up information boards, and for the realization of that project, 500 KM are needed for the purchase of materials and the production of boards – stated Samardžić.

According to him, it is necessary to make two boards, one at the site where the overgrowth is located, and the other at the starting point (Pale Station) with information about the necessary equipment and the site to be protected.

Samardžić stated that, in addition to this project, they also discussed the possible arrangement and launch of an initiative for the protection of the source of Paljanska Miljacka, which is one of the primary goals because there are several landfills along its entire course, from the source to Dovlići.

According to him, the most beautiful part of Miljacka, apart from its source, is the canyon that stretches from Pale Station to Dovlić, where Mokranjska and Paljanska Miljacka meet, parallel to the former route of the narrow-gauge railway Sarajevo-Pale.

“This natural, rock phenomenon is reached from the direction of the Pale Station settlement through tunnels and the railway line. We will continue to cooperate and work on additional projects regarding the municipality of Pale and the Aarhus Center “, stated Samardžić, who is also an expert associate for natural and cultural goods of the municipality of Pale.

Samardžić said that such projects are necessary for the development of tourism in Pale. “Nature is not a part of us, but we are a part of it,” he added.

Cave at the source of Mokranjska Miljacka – for the development of adventure tourism

Not far from Pale in Kadino Village there is a cave at the source of Mokranjska Miljacka, which should soon be declared a natural asset of the local community.

Samardžić says that members of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural and Historical Heritage visited them in October in order to protect this speleological object and declare it a natural monument.

The Mokranjska Miljacka Source Cave will be included in the tourist offer of the speleological complex “Orlovača Cave” from next year.

– Due to a large amount of water at the very entrance to the cave, the use of boats and special equipment is required – Samardžić explained.

The cave, in addition to corridors, straits, and passages, abounds in large rooms, whose length is 6,905 meters and is suitable for the development of adventure tourism.

Samardžić added that the municipality of Pale and the mayor support all initiatives and activities aimed at promoting the municipality and attracting more tourists to visit the natural beauties that Pale has.




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