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The story of Srebrenica is feigned


Deputy of the Russian State Duma Pavel Dorokhin said that in Srebrenica there was no genocide of the Muslim population, and that story was being feigned how to America intervened in the conflict in BiH.

“It was important, and it was also told to the President of BiH, at that time, Alija Izetbegović that mass murder was necessary for America to interfere in the conflict. This was the reason why the story about Srebrenica was being feigned”, Dorokhin told Belgrade-daily “Večernje novosti”.

He says that there was no genocide of the Muslim population and there is no evidence that 7,000 people were killed in one place.

“There are no satellite photos, but the media has shown it differently”, said Dorokhin, who is the Chair of the Russian Committee in Defence of General Ratko Mladić.

He stated that Reuters, CNN and BBC, who have a common center from which it operates, received information and published it without checking, and information was literatim forwarded to others, who were also transferred without research.

Dorokhin said that, in the scenes shown by CNN, it clearly sees that someone else shot, and that the way the West wants to present the Serbs’ army is completely inaccurate.

He stated that General Mladić had told him that the essence of the entry of the Serbs’ army into Srebrenica was to block the territory where Muslim soldiers were resting and then returned to combat operations.

“General Mladić told me that he disarmed the Muslim soldiers and let them go. Then the bombing began. It was clear that there were a lot of landmines. Who was bombing and who laid those mines is difficult to say at this moment, but it is certain that the army of Ratko Mladić was not”, Dorokhin said.

He reminded that the Bosniaks were making a cemetery that should serve as an illusion of genocide, and they brought bodies from all over BiH and buried several hundred, not 7,000 as they say.


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