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The Survey shows that young people in BiH trust in television the most when it comes to forming views on NATO integration


Citizens’ Association The new idea RS 2030 conducted a research within the project named “Euro-Atlantic Integration”.

The aim of the research was to find out the views of citizens in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration, as it became one of the most current topics in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By signing a series of strategic documents, and the adopting of the Law on Defense, Article 84 (Activities for Accession to NATO) which says: “The Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Presidency and all defense authorities within their respective constitutional and legal competencies, shall conduct required activities for the accession of the Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO”,  Bosnia and Herzegovina committed to fulfill the conditions on its path to NATO. Nine years ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted a formal request for the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP).

During the survey, conducted on a sample of 1 000 respondents, interesting facts have provided results which give us an insight into the current situation on the ground.
The survey was conducted in September 2018. One of the most interesting findings was how citizens are informed about NATO integration and which information influenced the most when it comes to forming views on NATO integration.

One of the questions in the Survey was: “How do you get informed about NATO?”
The results show that in the first place informacion was provided through the media, such as television and radio, which was the dominant answer with 60.9% of the all answers. The second place was written media with 28.2% of the respondents, while in the third place were online media, 16.4% of the respondents gave this answer.
According to these results, we can conclude that the majority of citizens form their opinion on the basis of television content, and that the political statments that are being distributed through these media have great influence.







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