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The teacher comes to the library with 10 membership cards


Teacher Branka Medic comes to the National Library in Novi Grad with 10 membership cards, one is hers, and the other nine are the cards of her second-grade students, whom she selects books to read and brings to school in the village of Ravnice.

This is repeated several times a month since the beginning of this year since the students of the Vuk Karadzic area school in Ravnice were enrolled in the library.

From the beginning of her teaching career, Medić has been working in schools in the rural area of ​​Ravnice for six years.

“It’s a special feeling for me, kids are interested in teaching and extracurricular activities, they are happy to participate in event preparation and other activities,” she says.

The mission of developing a love for reading began with a joint visit to the National Library in Novi Grad, a joint enrollment of all nine students.

“My students were first-graders and I used to read to them at home and my parents at home. I talk to them, I know what interests them, what topics and what kind of books I choose,” she says.

There is a special day at this school when the teacher comes with books, which are first put on the table by the students and the teacher.

“I teach them not to judge the books by the covers, but to get acquainted with the contents. That day we choose the book we read at school. The students then choose the books to read, and if more students are interested in the same title, they exchange books with each other. It has never happened that a book has been lost or damaged, they are responsible readers, “Medic said.

When all of the borrowed books are returned to school, in a special classroom drawer for this purpose only, a visit to the library will follow.

“I choose books that are appropriate for their age and interest, written in Cyrillic and in large letters. At first it was easier, and now there are fewer books whose cards are no longer my signature. We hope that as we progress with our knowledge and learning, we will borrow more serious content, “Medic said.

It takes about an hour to visit the library, and librarians help with the selection.

“I’m sure I have developed a love for the book. I don’t think it should be emphasized that I go to the library and bring books, but that children love to read,” she says.

This teacher believes that learning should be a joy for students, and a school is a place where happy students learn through play and fun.




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