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The Transcript of the Presidency and Quinta Meeting Confirmed That It Was Not an ANP


A transcript of a meeting of BiH Presidency members with the Quinta ambassadors, at which an agreement was reached to send the Reform Program to Brussels, which was published by Sarajevo-based Face Television, confirmed that it was not the Annual National Plan. Although the NATO official site no longer mentions the ANP but the Reform Program, which does not prejudice membership, and although this transcript is not exclusive since it was published shortly after the meeting, opposition members used it to attack a Serb member of the BiH Presidency.

Is this an Action Plan? – on several occasions, Milorad Dodik asked Šefik Džaferović, Željko Komšić, and Ambassador Quinta at a meeting on November 19 in Sarajevo. The ambassadors declared themselves – they consulted with NATO and said that the military alliance would accept a reform program from BiH that would not activate anything or change the status of the MAP. This was confirmed by US Ambassador Eric Nelson. All this was published in the media the day after the meeting and confirmed in a transcript released by Face TV yesterday.

– I am ready to support the reform document on NATO and its activities, but that it is not an Action Plan. As you can see, we have different opinions on this. The idea that might be acceptable is for NATO to come forward and say if it considers it an Action Plan. And if NATO says that this is not an Action Plan, it is only acceptable. In any other case, I would not allow myself to be fooled because everything is possible in BiH – Dodik said.

The ANP official site no longer mentions the relationship with BiH, which was updated on February 3, this year. It is emphasized that the Reform Program envisages cooperation with NATO. If it were only cooperation, it was repeatedly emphasized in the statements of NATO officials, and the conclusions of the Reform Program were also adopted by the Republic of Srpska National Assembly.

The Republic of Srpska National Assembly accepts the commitment from the “BiH Reform Program” that the program does not prejudge the decision on membership, that is, it cannot decide on NATO membership in advance, thus breaking the continuity of BiH’s commitment to full membership so far.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska believes that the document “BiH Reform Program” is by no means the earlier text of the “Annual National Program”, the so-called ANP, since it is not called and cannot serve as a basis for activating any processes other than cooperation and partnership with NATO . Any other interpretation and treatment of this document are rejected. The National Assembly considers the “BiH Reform Program” to be within the scope of the Resolution on the Protection of the Constitutional Order and the Proclamation of Military Neutrality of Republic of Srpska.

Even so, the transcript released yesterday, while neither exclusive nor controversial, served the opposition in Srpska to seek the resignation of a Serb member of the Presidency.

– Dodik has admitted that he agrees to the ANP, thus paving the way for BiH to NATO. The transcript is evidence that Dodik was aware that he was signing the National Annual Plan – said SDS President Mirko Šarović.

People cannot be fooled by the cheap spoofs of a shorthand to extract a sentence from, without reading and displaying the entire content, Milorad Dodik replies in a statement to Srna, and recalls that he shipped the shorthand to the SDS and PDP two months ago.

– Spoils over the substance of the Reform Program document cannot stop the dissolution of the SDS at all levels, and they cannot hide the fact that Šarović supported himself a few days ago following the dictatorship of Bakir Izetbegović, despite the decisions of the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska The High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH is sacked by a Serb and a Bosniak comes to that place – Dodik said.

Dodik recalls that they barely separated Šarović from an armchair for which he had no legitimacy, and he sat in it for five years and worked against the interests of his people at all times. He says he can manipulate the shorthand for a day or a half, but what about the hand he raised up at the expense of the Bosniaks, seen by everyone. Everyone who had insight into the shorthand claim the same.

– The conversation was between four people, three members of the Presidency and the US ambassador, although more were present. In essence, the agreement is being reached by two actors – US Ambassador and Milorad Dodik. They are dominant in that conversation. And it is the US ambassador at Dodik’s insistence that the Reform Program is not the ANP, that the path to NATO is not activated, and these most important parts of the talks are not mentioned at all in the version interpreted by Feis and BN television – said Predrag Ceranić, the dean of the Faculty of Security science in Banja Luka.

The SNSD says that by publishing the transcript, the citizens of the Republic of Srpska can finally see that Milorad Dodik did not agree to the Annual National Program (ANP), and that he received all possible guarantees that the Reform Program was not the ANP.

Party spokesman Radovan Kovačević said that last week the SDS and PDP had, in the most rigid and most egregious way, violated the conclusions of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska in the BiH Parliament, but also in the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.


Source: RTRS


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