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The Vagan Cave – Abundant in Cave Jewelry


The Vagan Cave is located on the Šipovo – Kupres road, above the village of Vagan, which is about 19 km away from the centre of Šipovo municipality.

The cave was built by underground waters, and as such, in addition to the Orlovača Cave, represents the most significant object of its kind in Srpska.

The Vagan Cave has eight units, called “Čobanska dvorana’”, “Lisičiji kanal”, “Galerija Sime Šolaje’”, “Janjski kanali”, “Svečana dvorana’”, “Dvorana divova”, “Ponorski kanal”  and “Dvorana Rade Marijan”.

Among the villagers of Vagan, after which the cave was named, interesting folk legends and tales about this “stone void” can still be heard nowadays.

One of the legends says that a young and beautiful shepherdess entered the cave out of curiosity and never returned. The flock returned to the village without her… The locals say that even today, on a mountain called Vitorog, when it is stormy, a maiden’s voice can be heard from the cave calling the flock.


The cave is very interesting because of the abundance of cave jewelry (stalactites and stalagmites). The cave was explored by professor Radenko Lazarević, and the book about it was published in 1999.

The last exploration of the cave was carried out in 1999, and only 420 meters of cave length, with an area of 1704 square meters, have been explored so far.




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