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The Weekend Food Festival Unites Regional Culinary Excellence, Entertainment, and Artistry (Photo)


Experience the excitement of irresistible flavors and embark on a culinary adventure through the world of gourmet wonders at the largest regional gastronomic spectacle – the third Weekend Food Festival!

From April 19th to 21st, the old tobacco factory in Rovinj will transform into the hub of culinary events, drawing in all food and drink enthusiasts, whether gastronomy is their calling, profession, or passion.

This year’s festival promises a tantalizing journey through the tastes and aromas of Istrian delicacies, curated by culinary virtuoso Jeffrey Vella, corporate culinary director of Maistra. His specialties, which have captivated palates for years at the Cap Aureo restaurant in the Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj, are just the beginning of the culinary odyssey.

The festival, showcasing the region’s top culinary and wine experts, will reveal the secrets of numerous success stories, including that of one of the most prominent regional business leaders, the legendary owner of the Macedonian winery Tikveš, Svetozar Janevski. During “A Conversation with a Legend,” hosted by Robert Čoban, president of the Color Press Group, Janevski will share his remarkable business journey, renowned both in the region and worldwide.Matija Bogdan, Executive Chef of the Aminess Group, and Chef Ante Udovičić, a renowned culinary expert and well-known TV personality, will share their culinary journey in Rovinj. Exploring the significance of traditional restaurants, Chef David Skoko, Vesna Miletić from the legendary Zagreb restaurant Tač, and one of Croatia’s most esteemed chefs, Hrvoje Zirojević, will discuss the importance of preserving them. Additionally, Šime Gligora, Director of the Gligora Dairy from the island of Pag, will address whether local cuisine is becoming a tourist attraction and how to effectively promote indigenous products alongside other panelists in the discussion “Local Cuisine as a Tourist Attraction.”










Svetozar Janevski

Jorg Zupan, a Slovenian chef who closed his Michelin-starred restaurant last year and opened the new AFTR bistro, is coming to the old tobacco factory from Ljubljana, offering a fresh perspective on the Slovenian culinary scene. During the panel discussion with Gašper Puhan, Vice President of the European Association JRE, and Grega Repovž, owner of Repovž, he will unveil the secrets of Slovenian cuisine. The Weekend Food Festival will also delve into the recipe for success in Belgrade’s gastronomic scene, with insights from Goran Kovačević from Atoll Hotel Management, Dimitrije Acevski, Executive Chef at Karisma Hotels & Resorts Group, Aleksandar Vasiljević, General Manager of the Hilton Hotel, and Saša Pejić, General Manager of the BK Restaurant Group, which includes the popular Lafayette restaurant.

Nevena Veselinović, a nutritionist and the founder of the unique Veganluk sustainable lifestyle and nutrition concept will be joining us from Serbia in Rovinj.













Nevena Veselinović

She is a pioneer in popularizing a fully plant-based diet. An intriguing detail about this expert in plant-based nutrition is encapsulated in a quote on her website: “Mention the word Veganluk in a scenario like finding yourself at the Wimbledon tennis tournament semifinals, and watch as heads turn, and smiles spread…” Curious? Uncover the mystery in Rovinj.

The Weekend Food Festival continues to expand!

Imagine the experience of being a German in Turkey. This is the remarkable journey of Maximilian J.V. Thomae, the pioneer behind modern Turkish cuisine. For the past 25 years, he has been immersed in the rich tapestry of Turkish flavors and aromas. Today, Maximilian is celebrated not only in Turkey but also in his homeland of Germany. Now, he arrives in Rovinj to unveil the secrets of Turkish cuisine.















Maximilian J.V. Thomae

However, the Weekend Food Festival isn’t just about showcasing successful names from the local and regional gastronomic scene. It’s a journey through diverse cuisine at the Weekend Food Market, where numerous caterers will gather, offering visitors free entry to enjoy a unique selection and promotion of both local and international dishes. Exciting workshops, such as the one led by Ante Pižić and Alen Bibić, who will prepare an authentic Skradin risotto, are just a part of the culinary spectacle expected at this year’s Weekend Food Festival.

Maistra Group continues its role as the host and partner of the Weekend Food Festival. You can find the full program on the official website of the festival, where you can also purchase tickets, granting access to lectures, panels, and workshops. Stay informed with the latest updates on the official Facebook and Instagram profiles.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Rovinj from April 19th to 21st!


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