Home News The Western Balkans join forces to respond to the migrant crisis

The Western Balkans join forces to respond to the migrant crisis


The Republic of Srpska President Željka Cvijanović said today that she would support the idea of forming mixed police and military force in the Western Balkans that would be deployed at the Western Balkans’ external borders in order to stem a large wave of migrants expected to arrive in the area.

– If the EU has the right to treat its external borders in this way, why shouldn’t we? This is a major challenge and something that can completely change the picture of the future not only of the Western Balkans but of the whole of Europe. This requires a concentrated response from all countries. This is a time for the Western Balkans to collectively defend itself – Cvijanović told reporters in Banja Luka.

She added that Western Balkan states cannot influence how Greece will solve its problem, what Turkey will do and whether the EU will negotiate a better solution with them.

– Everything has gone out of control and it is time for the collective responsibility of the Western Balkan countries instead of wasting energy on the squabbles, politicking and hatred that should have been buried long ago. If the forces of those countries can go around the world and participate in peacekeeping missions, and they cannot defend their hearths, then something is wrong. The time will come for such an initiative because it is impossible for us to think partially about these things. Who are we if we are not able to protect ourselves, but rely on others – said Cvijanović.

She said it was obvious that the EU-Turkey deal was not working.

– I’m worried it’s not happening far from us. If migrants manage to cross the Greek border, a huge number of these people will find themselves in the countries of our region. The migrant crisis can be resolved in a different way and a more credible approach is needed from both the EU and Turkey. Western Balkan countries need to think about how to protect themselves and not just rely on how the EU will protect its external borders – said Cvijanović.

According to her, the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Internal Affairs has absolute competences in the territory of Srpska and an obligation to protect its territory in accordance with the Government’s conclusions that the Republic of Srpska cannot accommodate migrants.

– The only thing we can do on a microplane is to protect our territory and not allow migrants to be stationed here. Our obligation is to protect the territory of Srpska – said Cvijanović.

She said that this time shows the nonsense of shouting from Sarajevo and the international community that Serbia does not need a reserve police force.

– When we have crises like this, we can engage a reserve force, and regular police can do their jobs and be supportive. Now we can see how many senseless situations we get because of various stupid and cheeky approaches to us. The Republic of Srpska and the Federation of BiH were supposed to work together and we all needed reservists who could take on the burden of responsibility for the security situation – said Cvijanović.


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