Home Tourism The wild waters of Vrbas the most popular attraction in Banjaluka

The wild waters of Vrbas the most popular attraction in Banjaluka


Tourists visiting Banjaluka and the surrounding areas this year, will be greeted with rich offers.

Namely, this part of Srpska now offers adventures in four categories. The first being a guided tour of the city center and the fortress Kastel, the second a visit to the memorial complex on the hill Banj, nature sightseeing and a trip to the monastery of “Marija Zvijezda” located in Trapisti.

The third category, and also the one that attracts the largest number of tourists, is rafting on the river Vrbas. Those with a love for adrenalin will also have the opportunity to attend the European Rafting Championship and the World Championship in Kayaking and Canoeing, while plane and height lovers can attend the World Championship in parachuting.

Rural tourism is another charm possessed by this region. Apart from staying in ethno-houses and touring scenic displays, tourists in rural areas have the chance to experience traditional customs, such as weddings and Baptismal Slavas.

Last year Banjaluka was visited by 64,767 tourist, of them 33, 410 were foreigners, mainly from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Germany and Austria.


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