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The winner of the Kočić awards for 2019 is Risto Lazarov


The winner of the literary prize “Kocic’s Feather” for the winter of 2019 and the annual award of “Kocic’s Book” for 2019 is Macedonian writer Risto Lazarov, the “Petar Kocic Banjaluka-Belgrade” Foundation announced today.

“Kočić’s pen” is awarded for high achievements in contemporary literature and devotion to the beauty of Kočić’s thoughts and words, and the annual award for “Kočić’s Book” for his entire literary work.

For the winter of 2019, Lazar’s literary prize “Kocic’s Feather” was awarded for the book of poems “Cejena”, the jury said.

The winner was unanimously decided by a jury of writers Nikola Vukolic (president), Miljenko Jergovic and Mladen Veskovic.

– The book of poems “Cejena” by the well-known contemporary Macedonian poet Rista Lazarova is thematically and problematically diverse, stylistically and linguistically balanced, and poetically and philosophically based – said Vukolić.

He also noted that Lazar can be said to be a writer of a wide register of interests and that he is one of the most significant names in the domestic literary space.

– I think there is no longer any doubt that in his entire, decades-long literary work, he has most beautifully characterized the past period in our literature. Lazarov has created a magnificent literary work, which makes him recognizable and famous – said Vukolić.

The award will be presented to the laureate on Friday, December 20, at 12.00 at the Vuk’s Endowment in Belgrade.




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